Frascati Café Launches New Vinyl Experience

Another reason to visit the bustling Strada Stretta on Thursday evenings, as Frascati Café launches a cool new event concept inspired by the streets' past.

Strada Stretta has a rich history of sex, booze and art. It’s here where people from different parts of the world intermingled together across the 19th and 20th centuries, and shared the latest news, trends and gossip. The street was a notable platform for musicians to emulate the songs they heard from the latest jazz vinyl records that the American sailors brought with them on their expeditions. People grooved to the sounds of piano, drums, bass, and saxophone which permeated from the street’s many venues.

Drawing to the past for inspiration, Frascati Café has cultivated a new event concept called the Vinyl Experience. Every week, they will be curating a selection of albums and compilations of music that dates back from the 50’s all the way up to the more familiar 90’s.

Frascati Cafe

Tickets are selling for just 4euro a pop and can be purchased online here. The event is sponsored by the Good Cider company, and you will be provided with a cider upon entry.

The experience will bring together true music people. Expect the best grooves, people off their feat and dancing, and so much more. A truly perfect night out in the capital if you ask us.