Oktoberfest at The Canal House Birmingham

Already booked on to ‘Ghostbusters with Cocktails’ evening, we decided to make the most of our night out and go somewhere for a bite to eat and drink beforehand…

Finding things at short notice – Chitzo has the answer…

Not only had we found the “main event” of the night (Ghostbusters with Cocktails) on Chitzo but decided to put its on demand capability to the test by looking for something to do before!

On Friday morning I jumped on to Chitzo and hit “today” in the quick menu – up came a load of options for our ‘pre-theatre’ enjoyment. As it was the end of the month and soon to finish, the Oktoberfest special at the Canal House stood out to us.

The Greeting and Service

mr-deeds-movie-still-john-turturro-stars-as-emilio-deeds-ever-present-butler-and-confidant 1110043-305x400 Like the butler (Emilio) in the film Mr Deeds, the host appeared from nowhere before we’d finished sanitising our hands at the sanitiser station just inside the door – shown promptly to our table, we knew what we were there for – the Oktoberfest Bratwursts, one normal with standard fries and one chilli-beef with sweet-chilli fries! Ordered before we’d even looked at the drinks list.

Giving us just the right amount of time to umm and errr over drink selection we were seen to and the drinks followed shortly after. Wine and Bacardi going down nicely and more guests were greeted and shown to their tables. We were pleased to see other couples and relatives out and about, but then we remembered it was Friday night – this isn’t what a Friday night in here or any other city centre bar would usually be like, reminding us once again about the crippling impact of Covid.

We were running slightly behind schedule due to a manic day, so prompt and efficient service was needed (not that we felt compelled to rush the service or mention it) and as it transpires it was all spot on and we even had time for a cheeky dessert

The Food & Drink

Oktoberfest Food

The picture speaks for itself in terms of what you get and how good the portion sizes are, but one thing you don’t get from the picture and is definitely worth noting is the taste. You could say, a sausage is a sausage and well you wouldn’t be far wrong, however, it was goooood! Fine dining it is not but fine dining we were not there for! The Bratwurst was good with just the right blend of onions and sauces - unsurprisingly not a crumb left at the end. What did come as a surprise was the fact all the fries were gone – simple yet effective the sweet-chilli fries, glistening with sweet chilli sauce and given a fresh zing with herbs and small slices of fresh chilli are now the only option when I’m back at the Canal House.

The ‘cheeky dessert’ came in the form of a delightful chocolate brownie, which had a fabulously tasting, caramelly ganache / icing that really complemented what was already a lovely brownie.

Chocolate Brownie

All in all a great way to get our night started and if we didn’t have an 80’s iconic film to catch up on we’d surely have sat there a while longer!

Oktoberfest may be over and lockdown 2 kicking in like an angry mule but those sweet-chilli fries and chocolate brownie are very much still firmly on the menu when things are back up and running – so keep checking Chitzo for all the great things that the Canal House have to offer and enjoy a great date night out at this fabulous city centre venue.

Sweet Chilli Fries

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