A Community of Dancing Storytellers

Storytelling in movement was born to revive and practice the art of storytelling. Since stories were told from time immemorial, using both words and movements, Karolina aims to renew this activity of communication and interaction that she has named as storytelling in movement

Karolina is a dancer, dance teacher and educator as well as a yoga instructor with a bachelor degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies. Throughout her career as a dancer and choreographer, she has worked for prominent artists such as Idit Herman (Clipa Theatre, Tel Aviv); Bozena Eltermann and Marek Brand (both Gdansk, Poland); as well as local academic Dr Mario Frendo (Theatre Studies, University of Malta).

Karolina has dedicated her profession to exploring the interrelation between movement and storytelling. She believes that these two are essential for expression and interaction between people. At the back of this philosophy, Karolina has founded Storytelling in Movement, where she invites kids, adults and elderly to express themselves through stories that they tell in movement about themselves and the world.

Karolina Mielczarek

Inspiration Behind Storytelling in Movement

Through Storytelling in Movement, Karolina is building an active community here in Malta and we were curious to find out what sparked her inspiration. This is what she had to say:

“From stories! I love stories, tales and fables, maybe I’m still a kid that needs to visit the world of fairies from time to time. I wrote a story myself which I translated into dance. The story never got published but I am still thinking about it, hoping to get it out there for kids to dance! I entitled the story "Lemon-cello" which is very much settled in the Maltese content. No, it's not about the liquor but about mice whose production of a delicious lemonade is unlike anything else in the whole Milky Way! I'll be happy to give you a copy "Lemon-cello" when it gets published so you can try storytelling in movement.”

Stories were told in movement since time immemorial. Our ancestors told stories using both words and movements. Karolina aims to propagate this old-new approach to storytelling through her classes that integrate the body and the mind, meaning a total engagement that is expressed verbally and physically.

“The first language we speak with is the language of the body. Kids learn how to speak when they are 3 years old. Before they are 3, they communicate through movement, their everyday stories are told through their bodies. When we acquire the ability to express ourselves by words, we begin to lose our first language until we no longer need our bodies to communicate with. I feel that this connection has to be maintained because only by integrating the body and the mind, do we feel complete. So, what I am doing is nothing new but I would like to call it a "reminder" of how we used to tell stories, with more expression, interest, engagement of the whole community and through dance!”

We thought that this could be a way to help kids be more interested in reading, enhancing their curiosity, excitement and understanding of the stories. Karolina gives her insight:

“I think that reading is boring because the moment we sit down, we become static and so does the story! But we shouldn't be sitting down! We were story-tellers that used to embody every story that was told. I feel that this is when the words become truly meaningful and thus memorable. I believe that my mission is to remind that reading can be fun again when we physically act on it!”

A Perfect Adventure for Kids & Parents

Sally - Storytelling in Movement

Creative dance classes for children are a blend of dance, play and storytelling that engage children and their parents. Based on sensory integration, authentic movement and storytelling, the classes offer a vast opportunity to foster expression and curiosity, while at the same time, supporting children’s development.

We attended one of her classes back in March and we were truly inspired with the wholesome, imaginative environment that Karolina cultivated for the kids. We left feeling energized and happy and we did not even take part in the movements. We spoke with one of the parents on the day and he said:

"The children feel welcome and happy in the classes. There is a good mix of dance, storytelling, expression through movement, and games where the little ones can interact with each other. The music, dances, and games are all age appropriate and engaging for the children. I love that Karolina brings different props for each class. In the past few lessons, she has used twigs, pine cones, chalk and balloons. It’s truly magical.”

Creative dance classes for kids are being held on:

  • Wednesdays & Fridays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Marsascala Family Park;
  • Thursdays from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at the Playzone area at Exiles Playground;
  • Saturdays from 10:00am to 11:00pm at the Playzone area at Exiles Playground.

Don’t Worry, there are Classes for Adults too...

Adults Storytelling in Movement

If you’re thinking that this concept is something you need in your life, Storytelling in Movement also offers classes for adults too. Set to resume on 15th May 2021, Karolina will welcome you to an encouraging, non-judgmental and thriving community of dancers, practicing the art of storytelling through creative dance classes.

Classes are held every Saturday evening in a cool and secluded amphitheater at the University of Malta campus. The iconic location, will most definitely make you feel that you are performing just like they did during the Greek and Roman empires. Through dancing stories, you will immediately feel the physical expression, psychological insight and interaction between fellow dancers. Moreover, you will learn fundamental skills on movement, expression and mindfulness.

Are you ready to meet and experience oneself in movement?

I bet you are.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Yoga - Storytelling in Movement

Designed for beginners, Karolina’s practice will help you connect with your body, mind and spirt. They meet every Friday morning from 7:30am to 8:30am at the Jerma in Marsascala. This practice will start your day off in the best possible way, focusing on breath and movement.

Stay Updated with All Events from Storytelling in Movement

Stay up to date with all of Karolina’s activities on Chitzo. She has all her classes regularly updated, so you can easily pop in and find something that suits you best.