WhatsTheirNames Theatre returns with Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Laughter, music and smiles - WhatsTheirNames Theatre return this week with six epic nights of William Shakespeare's production 'As You Like It', the latest installment in the company’s hugely popular Shakespeare in the Garden series.

It's Shakespeare season this week as WhatsTheirNames Theatre are ready to perform their 8th annual William Shakespeare production. This time they are taking to stage their own twist of popular pastoral comedy As You Like It.


As You Like It tells a youthful and joyous story about coming of age and learning what it means to be in love.

In the oppressive court of the usurping Duke Frederick, Rosalind, the duke’s niece, has laid eyes on the young courtier Orlando. But just as love begins to take hold, she is banished from the court. Disguised as a boy, she flees to seek out her exiled father in the Forest of Arden, a place of romance, freedom and the wonder of self-discovery.

Bringing together some of Shakespeare’s most dazzling comedy with his most beloved characters, including the melancholy Jacques and his famous “All the world’s a stage” speech, the play remains a favourite of audiences and has seen countless adaptations and retellings over the years.

When & Where?

The play will be on every night at 8.30pm from Tuesday 13th to Sunday 18th June and will be staged at the beautiful surroundings of Vincent’s Eco Estate, an organic farm in the Mġarr countryside. The space will immerse audiences in the magic of Shakespeare’s most hilarious comedies.

We recommend that you get there as early as 8pm (that's when doors open) so that you can comfortably find the best seats.

As you like it - stage at Vincent's Eco Estate

The Cast

The production features some of Malta’s best acting talent, all of whom will be familiar faces to followers of WhatsTheirNames. With just seven actors playing multiple roles: starring Becky Camilleri as Rosalind alongside Nathan Brimmer, Gianni Selvaggi, Tina Rizzo, Sandie von Brockdorff and Joseph Zammit.

The cast

Here is a breakdown of the cast and their characters:

  • Becky Camilleri - Rosalind
  • Gianni Selvaggi - Orlando
  • Tina Rizzo - Celia
  • Nathan Brimmer - Touchstone
  • Joseph Zammit - Silvius, Dukes, Oliver Martext
  • Sandie Von Brockdorff - Oliver, Phoebe, Amiens, Le Beau
  • Philip Leone-Ganado - Jacques

Words from the Director

Philip Leone Ganado is the director of this play and this is what he had to say:

“As You Like It taps into the dream of escaping the rat race for a quieter way of life, and the hope of discovering yourself along the way. We’re excited to welcome audiences to our own version of the Forest of Arden at the idyllic Vincent’s Eco Estate, which provides a perfect fit for the forest's magic and splendour. Our shows have always been about providing a unique experience for our audiences, and this year will be no different.”

Who are WhatsTheirNames?

WhatsTheirNames are a quirky, energetic, inventive and adventurous group of 7-10 individuals who have theatre at their core. They have developed a strong reputation among theatre-goers locally in Malta, producing fresh, funny and accessible stagings in unconventional and intimate locations. Their Shakespeare re-stagings have been incredibly popular with their most recent production at the Msida Bastion Garden, Romeo and Juliet, receiving exceptional plaudits.

The cast in rehearsal for As you like it

How to book?

Tickets can be bought for each night directly from Chitzo for €22. Tickets are selling fast with the weekend shows almost sold out and the weekdays also ramping up. You can book directly for any night by selecting the date below: