What's on at the Manoel Theatre this month!

It seems like the month of November may need to rethink its name as the Manoel Theatre takes over, showcasing a dynamic selection of performances that’ll whisk audiences on a narrative rollercoaster of fun, entertainment and emotions! Groups are no more than 6 and seating is limited, respecting social distancing rules. So act quick and get your hands on tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment!

The Manoel Theatre is buzzing this month and with all the safety and Covid precautions in place check out the below for some great times.

Ten Humans Telling Stories in Virtuous and Sinful Ways

12th - 15th

Ten image

If you are looking for a performance to keep you on your feet, oh boy, we have the one for you. Come and follow 10 individuals as they narrate 10 captivating stories to you in this promenade setup. A unique opportunity to explore beyond the Manoel's auditorium, as you will be invited to move along with the cast in various spaces around the theatre.

An experience not to be missed!

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World Trade Center - a dynamic physical theatre performance

20th - 21st

World Trade Center

his compelling and intense physical theatre performance delves into the heartbreaking events that occurred during 9/11, specifically the attacks on the World Trade Centre. Let these eight powerful episodes unravel with striking themes that will have you moved. Expect an experience like no other that integrates the audience with memories of real witnesses from this life-changing historic event.

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Trouser Girl (Online)

20th - 29th

Trouser Girl

The Ziguzajg Festival presents this online production, Trouser Girl! Allow yourself to be absorbed by this science-fiction performance as these intriguing characters hop from one adventure to another in the hopes of rescuing Lukey’s music homework. Get ready for a show that will fill your hearts with excitement and warmth!

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From Rona with Love

27th - 29th

From Rona With Love

Last but not least, our personal favorite, Rona with Love...Yes, you read that correctly! This production depicts the real-life trials and tribulations of love, dating and sex during the midst of a global pandemic. What could possibly go wrong? Eight intimate and totally relatable narratives that will take audiences for an emotional ride as their lives are turned upside down.

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Once again, groups can not be more than 6 and seating is limited, respecting social distancing rules. So act quick and get your hands on tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Many more events hosted by this iconic theatre are in the pipeline so stay tuned the best way you can. Start planning here to avoid disappointment

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