Get Up and Get Pumped: The Morning Booster is Back

Morning Booster aims to culminate the vibe and aesthetic of a rave with upbeat music, a live DJ, glow lights and a lot of energy! Substitute alcohol with a healthy breakfast and juices. Start your day off the right way...

A few years ago, I did something different. It was a windy Autumn morning. I woke up at 5am (probably for the first time other than for an early flight). Still a university student back then, the Morning Booster tempted me into giving this crazy event a go. I had loads of friends attending the event, and the location was also just a 5 min drive, so when the alarm went off at 5am, I got up and prepared to go.

There was so much energy that day. People were packed in a dark room in Tigulio. Glow lights provided minimal light. There were loads of people that day and it was impossible to find a spot if you were late. I remember thinking what a stark contrast this morning booster was to what I had previously associated with a ‘fun’ event (the usual alcoholic infused nights), which did not make me feel energized, quite the opposite actually, and without fail ruined my morning routine.

Morning Booster 2017

Morning Booster is Back...

After around 5 years, I was delighted to hear the news that this spectacular morning booster was back with a bang. Their motto “get up and get pumped” shines through, as hundreds of people are expected nice and early at the spectacular Tigne Beach Club in Sliema on Friday 17th June. It’s the perfect location to admire the sunrise, and feel the natural elements of the sea and sky.
The day will start at 6am with a yoga experience led by Michelle Bartolo who will expertly get you warm and loose for the fitness sessions ahead, together with a guided meditation led by Prazina. The first fitness session starts at 7am. They consists of a high energy power Zumba dancing session led by Ana Valentina and her pumping music, followed by a classic planking competition with some fancy prizes up for grabs.

By 8am all sessions will be completed and all participants will be invited to enjoy fresh juices from none other than Dr Juice, together with coffee, tea and water. This is a perfect opportunity to network or catch up with some old mates in a different setting. You could also jump in the sea and get that extra kick. And if you are racing off to work afterwards, don’t worry there are clean showers available at the location.

Morning Booster Dr Juice

The best part of it is that all of this is FREE... yes FREE. All you are requested to bring with you is your own yoga mat or a towel if you don’t have one and your positive happy vibe.

You can reserve your spot on the morning booster website which can also be accessed from Chitzo.

Need Extra Motivation?

Don’t let the early hour deter you from coming, remember the early bird catches the worm. There are extraordinary benefits to your body and mind by winning the morning. Your mood and productivity will be through the roof. Now, I’ll stop writing and allow you to come and feel the morning boost for yourself.

If you’re not used to waking up before 6am, you are indeed missing out on extraordinary benefits, both for your body and for your mind. Everyone I speak to who does this on a regular basis feels the benefits in their mood and productivity throughout the day. The only hard part is getting up, the rest is totally worth it.

If you are looking for transport to and from the event, the Morning Booster team have partnered up with eCabs, who are offering all participants a 35% discount each way through their app. Simply use the code "BOOSTER" on checkout and the discount will be applied to the ride.

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