Conversations with Nikki Muscat

Nikki, a two-time Olympic swimmer, believes self-care starts and ends with health for both our bodies and the environment. She is now waving the flag for the next generation of swimmers.

Nikki, you’re a natural athlete and competitor, but what made you choose swimming?

My parents knew they wanted to raise healthy children, who knew how to balance sport and education. On top of this, my family has a history of scoliosis and seeing as my dad is a doctor, he knew that the best way to prevent the need for corrective surgery in a girl in particular, is sport. After trying a few varied sports including gymnastics and athletics, my parents quickly realized that the water and I were destined to be best friends.

Why do you think people should consider swimming sessions? Is there something that you do differently?

Everyone that knows me well, appreciates that the water is my safe haven. Over the years, I came to realize that it has a very beautiful effect on people. It has the ability to drown and wash out all your current worries and stressors and replace them with a new perspective. All my clients feel much better both physically and mentally after a swim session, regardless of age. I’ve had both toddlers and adults walk into the pool with an uneasy look only to wave goodbye later with a beaming smile on their faces. This, above all else, gives me the most satisfaction.


What have your experiences competing in the Olympics taught you?

I started attending swimming lessons when I was four years old. As I moved into my teens, I heard the same phrase in varied statements: “Malta lacks talent, we’ll never make it to the semis or finals at the Olympic Games”. This phrase started to feel like a broken record which both piqued my curiosity and infuriated me at the same time. When I made it to the Olympic Games at the age of 18 and again four years later, I came to realize that I had accumulated a myriad of experiences and array of knowledge – all of which I could have only hoped to have known in my early teens. Now, I feel as if it’s a duty to pass on everything I have learnt and assist current and future generations in rebutting the claim as sorely mistaken.


Nikki’s Swimming Classes are now on Chitzo...

Nikki currently offers the following packages:

  • Swimming lesson (for one as a single)
  • Swimming lesson for 2 (as a single)

All sessions are available in 4 and 12-week packages apart from individual lessons. She is also currently working on setting up options for groups with various requirements, so stay tuned to her classes on our platform.