Mindfoundations Group Coaching

21st February
08:30 - 10:30
Alpha Works
Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B1 1TT, UK
What is it designed to do? When people are in a high level of responsibility their rational way of thinking can be clouded. Decisions can be made off the cuff, conversations can take place with conflicting results and business directions can become hazy. The Mindfoundations Group Coaching is about enabling you to provoke a different way of thinking on specific topics. Sessions will focus on individual challenges by allowing attendees to question each other on the best way forward. The questioning approach is designed for you to use in your reflections after the group session. The second part of the session will include individual exercises for your own personal development. Is it right for me? If you are looking to gain a different perspective on your mindset, business, ideas, current challenges and future plans this exclusively focused environment will consistently deliver this for you. Follow the link for a more detailed description.
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