1st July
18:00 - 19:00
England, UK
“How should I be successful?” Asked a young Brad Sugars to Jim Rohn. He answered, “simply read one book a month son and you will be rich in more than wealth.”

BookCLUB is an ONLINE programme aimed to keep you focused, hold you accountable and get you into Action! It is a great opportunity to learn, network with other businesses online and to implement real changes into both your life and business.

You will receive:

- The book – designed to help you get yourself and your business growing further.
- The opportunity to meet, network and share ideas with likeminded business professionals online on zoom.
- Book review and accountability on how to implement the learnings in your business and your life.
- Group coaching.
- A safe and fun online environment to make sure you get the most from your learning and development.
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