1st Mind Sports Festival 2021

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Sala Parrokkjali Qrendi
Qrendi, Malta
09:00 - 21:15
Malta Mind Sports Association is a Voluntary Organization established in November 2020. It aims to introduce Mind Games across different generations from young to elderly people. The Competition is composed of two categories; Category 1 • Backgammon • Bridge • Chess • Draughts • Sudoku Category 2 • Connect 4 • Mastermind Registrations for the Main event • Registrations are open until 15th November 2021. • Late registrations are accepted at an additional cost of €20. • The Main event consists of two tournaments. Tour A for under 15 and Tour B for 15 and over. • Players under 15 can choose to play in Tour B but not in both. • Players can choose up to four games to play, three from Category 1 and one from Category 2. Once registered, the players cannot change the games. Points are accumulated for each game to determine the Malta Mind Sports Champion for different age categories. • Registration fee: 1game - €10, 2games - €20, 3games - €30, 4games - €30 (4th game is free). • Discounts to siblings under 15 and to persons over 65 apply. • Additional fee of €5 for nonmembers. (not 5€ for each game but for all games) • Players can become members at the start of the festival at €10. • Registration fees by bank transfer or in cash. Registrations for the Simultaneous exhibition • A special guest is invited to play simultaneously against multiple players at one time. • Players can turn up on the actual day without prior registrations. First come first served basis. • Games are free for all members. Fee of €3 for nonmembers apply. • Prizes awarded to players who manage to win. Qualification process for Main Events • 8 rounds Swiss system for chess, draughts, backgammon, connect four. Top 8 players play knock-out system. • Double chance knock-out system for sudoku and bridge. • Knock-out system for mastermind. Code of Ethics • Players are not allowed to talk to anyone while playing their games, including their opponent unless a draw is offered. • Players who are caught cheating in some way, will be disqualified from the festival. • Players are expected to respect their opponents, guests and the environment. Additional Information One can reach the venue by public transport: • Bus number 72 from Valletta every 30mns starting from 5:21am to 10:21pm. Going back to Valletta: • Bus number 72. Last trip at 10:38pm. Map below showing the venue ‘Sala Parrokkjali Qrendi’.
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