14th February
10:00 - 11:00
Solihull College & University Centre Blossomfield Campus
Solihull College, Blossomfield Campus, Solihull B91 1SB, UK
PILATES BALLS AND BANDS This class offers all that our pure pilates class does with just a bit more challenge 🙏🏻🔥 How does this differ from our Pure Pilates offer? Along with the usual pilates benefits (improved posture, muscle tone, breathing, pelvic floor strength, alignment, joint mobility) ... using balls and bands you will:- 💚Experience even more arm and leg strength moves 💚Heavily challenge core stability (along with traditional core strength) 💚Enjoy more demanding flexibility options 😅 In short this class takes basic pilates principles to the next level 🆙⬆️ This is a great venue, easy parking with ALL equipment provided for you. You can block book you classes @ £6 per session (£36 for a six week course) ... we also have limited pay as you go places available @ £7 per session.
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Solihull College & University Centre Blossomfield Campus